Trip Planner

Build your iteneray & Track expenses

Make your travel plans easy & clean

* Just write down travel plans. SaveTrip makes that a timeline.

* Very easy to change schedule and share it.

* Supported all countries

* Export to CSV files

Mark travel plans on the map

* Get Directions with GoogleMap

* View route with GoogleMap

Manage your travel budget & expenses

* Available all currencies

* Manage cash budget

* All expenses will automatically be converted to your home currency

* Ediable categories

* Export to CSV files

Travel expenses statistics

* Report travel expense usage as graph statistics

* By category, person, daily, and payment method

Manage expenses with photo

* Remember how you spent your money with photos.

Organize all the travel materials

* Attach vouchers, docs and pics to notes

* Available IMG, PDF, XLS, andd DOC

* Scrap a webpage from a browser to notes

Make checklists for travel

* Make a checklist for travel packing

Leave your journey with photos

* Keep your trip in memory with photos.